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The Green Volunteers (GV) is a community of people who care for the environment and the lives we share this planet with, people and wildlife. We are wonderfully diverse, from bankers to bakers, from 7 year olds, to 70 year olds.

GV was founded in 1997 by Grant Pereira, who has been involved with conservation work both locally and internationally for more than 40 years.


We love getting our hands dirty, literally and figuratively, and undertake hands-on projects like mangrove clean-ups, reforestation projects, setting up wildlife gardens to bring back both native flora and fauna, and many other green projects all over Singapore and even overseas.

About Grant Pereira, founder of Green Volunteers

"Volunteering will help you learn something unique about the world around you, and in turn about yourself as well. You, me, wildlife, we are neighbours on this planet we share." - Grant Pereira


Grant Pereira is one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent conservationists, who has been working in wildlife and environmental conservation for over 40 years.

A passionate advocate for the environment and wildlife, he has devoted his life towards restoring natural habitats, rehabilitating wildlife, and creating green spaces to nurture biodiversity. He worked with multiple Singaporean organisations such as ACRES, schools, and parks like Tampines Eco Garden and Singapore Botanic Garden.

He has also initiated various campaigns to encourage harmonious living within our precious ecosystem by raising awareness on topics such as whale hunting, shark fin consumption and elephant rescues. As the founder of Green Volunteers with a volunteer base of over 5,000 people, Grant’s work has extended to the region. To date, he has led thousands of volunteers in planting more than 300,000 trees in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Laos.

In October 2022, the 73-year-old was awarded the ‘People of Good’ (Senior category) award by Madam Halimah Yacob, President of Singapore, for his commitment towards the environment.

A passion that drives him to make a difference for the planet and for people. From tending to the biodiversity haven of the Butterfly Garden in Pasir Ris Park, to organising mangrove replanting programmes around Singapore, to helping build homes for vulnerable communities in Thailand, Grant continues to get be hands on. When he's not covered in soil and dirt, Grant serves on the International Board of Advisors of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as director of reforestation at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, bringing students on regional volunteer expeditions, and heading the Green Volunteers Network. 

Meet some of our Volunteers

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Click image to read a feature on our volunteers by Our Better World.

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